Welcome to the Closet of Mysteries!

This unique shop by Scott Myst and Cristina O is home to some awesome t shirts screen printed by hand with eco friendly water based inks.  The designs are based on different topics of study; most of which follow along a path seeking higher consciousness and self-actualization.



Solar Talisman Shirt Design Time Lapse

A while back, I took on a drawing project where I drew a talisman for each of the heavenly spheres.  The concept was that I would make one for each of the days of the week.  For each design, I delved into a lot of research of correspondences and symbolism associated with the sphere.  The […]

Peyote Cactus Drawing Time Lapse

The Peyote Cactus design in my shop was a commission for a customer.  He wanted a design featuring 3 elements; the peyote cactus, a rattlesnake, and a thunderbird.  This design was worked up to compose those elements in my own style while paying homage to native cultures.  I was pleased with the end result to […]

Moon Drawing Time Lapse – T Shirt Design

In honor of the Black New Moon this month, I created a new T Shirt design. I decided that the world needs a fresh approach to lunar shirts so I created a Moon Drawing for just the occasion. Unlike many of my other artwork time-lapse videos, I decided to do this one from the very get-go, rather […]

It’s My Birthday so I’m Giving You 10% OFF!

May 16th brings the annual cycle around to another year for me, I thought I would do something for those of you who support my work. Simply use coupon code: BIRTHDAY on checkout and receive 10% OFF any item in my shop. This includes all t shirts, prints, and even fine art! The coupon code […]

4/20 SALE on Cannabis shirts!

Many of us know that within the cannabis enthusiast culture, April 20th is a day to celebrate. But why? I have found a lot of different reasons for 420 being associated with weed smoking but it seems that the truth is out there. The story apparently goes back to the early 1970’s to a group […]

Bodhi Tree Drawing Time Lapse Video – Artwork in Progress

I would like to share with you another drawing time lapse video of the artwork in progress for my “Bodhi Tree” design. The art is based on an overgrown section of the temple complex at Angkor Wat. Again, there is another nifty soundtrack provided by Homunculus. Please watch snd enjoy. Get your own Bodhi Tree […]