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Esoteric Artwork for each of the Days of the Week

Every now and again, I have to give myself a challenge.  Last week, I decided that my assignment would be

Father’s Day Summer Solstice Sunday at San Xavier Del Bac Mission

Yesterday was Father’s Day, and my family decided it would be a good day to take an outing.  Our decided

Resh vel Huevos – Resh vel Helios

Sometimes, you tell a joke just for yourself…  Resh vel Huevos is just such a thing: A parody of the

Screen Printing Occult shirts in the Closet of Mysteries

Here is an inside look at the Closet of Mysteries shop while I screen print my original occult shirts.  Custom

Drawing trees with Scott Myst

I created a short video in which I talk about what I like about drawing trees, while drawing a tree.

Artwork in progress: 2017. Esoteric Art of Scott Myst

As the new year began, I felt the old pull to embark on some new art projects.  I will post