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Artwork time lapse mixed media painting with Scott Myst

I will be adding a few older videos of me making art over the next couple of weeks in order

How to make a spore print – fun with mycology! Mushrooms are cool!

Fall has arrived and brought rain to the low desert of Arizona.  This is one of the rare times of

Ouroboros symbol meaning, history, and original design

Those looking into the mystery of the Ouroboros symbol meaning and history will certainly find themselves delving into the ancient

Screen Printing Reindeer t shirt – Amanita Muscaria Shaman T Shirt

I made a short video of the process of screen printing my 2 color Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Shaman reindeer t

A Backstage Look at Mushroom Shaman shirt design for screen printing

I recently completed some new artwork for a Mushroom Shaman shirt design.  It was a fun project that I made

Equinox aligned Ancient Sites and Esoteric Traditions from the old world

Celebrating the Equinox and Ancient Cultures On the day of equinox, the sun passes over the Equator and the day