Cannabis shirt with botanical illustration and THC molecule marihuana shirt design by Closet of Mysteries

4/20 SALE on Cannabis shirts!

Many of us know that within the cannabis enthusiast culture, April 20th is a day to celebrate. But why?

I have found a lot of different reasons for 420 being associated with weed smoking but it seems that the truth is out there. The story apparently goes back to the early 1970’s to a group of high school students in Northern California (of course).

The group of 5, called the Waldos, would meet every afternoon at 4:20 to toke up and hunt for secret cannabis plants. One of the boy’s older brother was friends with Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead. The band picked up on the Waldos’ tradition and passed it on to the hordes of Deadheads.

To celebrate, I am offering a sale on my Cannabis shirts in my shop from now through 4/20. Get yourself a freshly printed one today 🙂

Ladies’s Cannabis THC shirt . Men’s/Unisex Cannabis THC shirt

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