Screen Printing Reindeer t shirt – Amanita Muscaria Shaman T Shirt

I made a short video of the process of screen printing my 2 color Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Shaman reindeer t

A Backstage Look at Mushroom Shaman shirt design for screen printing

I recently completed some new artwork for a Mushroom Shaman shirt design.  It was a fun project that I made

Equinox aligned Ancient Sites and Esoteric Traditions from the old world

Celebrating the Equinox and Ancient Cultures On the day of equinox, the sun passes over the Equator and the day

Esoteric Artwork for each of the Days of the Week

Every now and again, I have to give myself a challenge.  Last week, I decided that my assignment would be

Father’s Day Summer Solstice Sunday at San Xavier Del Bac Mission

Yesterday was Father’s Day, and my family decided it would be a good day to take an outing.  Our decided

Resh vel Huevos – Resh vel Helios

Sometimes, you tell a joke just for yourself…  Resh vel Huevos is just such a thing: A parody of the

Screen Printing Occult shirts in the Closet of Mysteries

Here is an inside look at the Closet of Mysteries shop while I screen print my original occult shirts.  Custom

Drawing trees with Scott Myst

I created a short video in which I talk about what I like about drawing trees, while drawing a tree.

Artwork in progress: 2017. Esoteric Art of Scott Myst

As the new year began, I felt the old pull to embark on some new art projects.  I will post

Exploring the Inland Empire – Riverside and Redlands, CA

Our little crew recently set out on an adventure to visit some family in the Inland Empire, CA.  While we