Cannabis shirt with botanical illustration and THC molecule marihuana shirt design by Closet of Mysteries

Many of us know that within the cannabis enthusiast culture, April 20th is a day to celebrate. But why?

I have found a lot of different reasons for 420 being associated with weed smoking but it seems that the truth is out there. The story apparently goes back to the early 1970’s to a group of high school students in Northern California (of course).

The group of 5, called the Waldos, would meet every afternoon at 4:20 to toke up and hunt for secret cannabis plants. One of the boy’s older brother was friends with Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead. The band picked up on the Waldos’ tradition and passed it on to the hordes of Deadheads.

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my stolen artwork and painting time lapse

Once upon a time, I made a painting. I really liked this painting. I put it up at a show and the painting was “stolen”. Watch the video for the story followed by a painting time lapse.

It is a story of betrayal and heartbreak (for me). The painting time lapse features a groovy soundtrack by Homunculus.

I encourage you to check out more of my artwork by clicking here.


screen printed posters from Closet of Mysteries

To kick off the new year, I am making some changes to the Closet of Mysteries. The first of which is a new, ongoing Rewards and Giveaways program. Who doesn’t like getting free stuff? …at least free good stuff? For January, I am going to be giving away 4 screen printed posters!

I created a video to share why I think screen printed posters are an awesome way to reproduce artwork. Please check it out!

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Beginning January 11, 2019, I will be drawing a winner every Friday at 6pm MST for four weeks ending Feb 1st. The winner will be able to select any one poster of their choice from my collection. Be sure to check out my growing collection of screen printed posters. New designs are always underway so be sure to check back often to see what’s new!

At so many of my art shows, I would talk to young people who loved the artwork but could not afford original artwork. Once an original was sold, other buyers could not get their hands on the work because reproductions were not available. Screen printed posters are a great solution to both problems! By making posters, I can offer reproductions at an affordable price making my art accessible to pretty much anyone.

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artwork time lapse of mixed media painting with Scott Myst

I will be adding a few older videos of me making art over the next couple of weeks in order to consolidate my archives. The first added to my channel is this artwork time lapse¬†of a piece called “an infinite number of events have come together to create this one moment”.

The artwork is a mixed media piece created by building up elements which results in awesome textures.  Parts are collaged on while others are painted or drawn.  Watch and enjoy seeing it all unfold before your very eyes in this nifty artwork time lapse.

In case you are curious, the soundtrack to this video is a song from a band I used to play bass for called Glamour Shot. At our peak, we got to open for the Legendary Pink Dots in Tempe, AZ.

Thanks for watching!

how to make a spore print collecting mushrooms

Fall has arrived and brought rain to the low desert of Arizona.  This is one of the rare times of the year when the fungi pop their heads above the soil.   Although the mushrooms in my area are not edible (aside of the shaggy maine) they do provide the opportunity to learn more about mushrooms.  I am going to explain how to make a spore print.  This is a fun and simple mycology project for anyone interested in mushrooms.

These mushrooms popped up in the grassy areas near where I live.  My daughter and I collected a few for our experiment.

How to make a spore print:

Mushrooms drop their spores at the end of their life cycle before they curl up and fade.  In order to collect spores, the caps need to be open with the veil broken.  With the stems removed, we placed the caps on a white piece of paper in a glass container.
how to make a spore print mushroom caps on paper

The lid was then placed on but not sealed shut in order to allow for a slow air exchange.  I have also done this with a single cap under an upside down mason jar.  If you use a jar, place a penny under the lip for air exchange.  This technique simulates the ideal condition in nature that triggers the fungi to release spores by slowly drying the open mushroom cap.

how to make a spore print mushroom caps in container

The container is left at room temperature for several hours.  The spores slowly drop leaving an image on the paper of the space between the mushroom gills.  Spore prints are often used to identify a species.  For example, the green print left in our experiment is a sure sign that this mushroom is a Chlorophyllum Molybdites.

how to make a spore print successful print!
Spore print of Chlorophyllum molybdites

how to make a spore print

Now that you know how to make a spore print, I hope you find some mushrooms and experiment.  Mycology is a really fascinating science and a great way to connect to the natural world.

I think spore prints are beautiful.  In fact, I love them so much that I put them on some really awesome shirts in my shop.

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equinox at chaco canyon

Celebrating the Equinox and Ancient Cultures

On the day of equinox, the sun passes over the Equator and the day and night are of equal length.  This is a time when, in the northern hemisphere, the night becomes longer than the day and the seasons are dominated by the moon rather than the sun.  Of course, the opposite is true for the southern hemisphere as their summer begins.
Throughout history, cultures around the world have celebrated this crossing through many traditions and holidays.  It is curious to note that the cultural practices around the world bare striking similarities to one another.  One most notable way should, which should not be overlooked, is the building of colossal stone structures that align to the sun marking this important date.  Main stream historians dismiss the equinox aligned ancient sites as some sort of coincidence which, when considering the evidence, is truly absurd.

Equinox aligned Ancient Sites

Equinox aligned Ancient Sites - Angkor Wat
On the equinoxes, if we could travel all around the world, we would be able to see this incredible feat of astrological engineering working its magic at numerous ancient stone sites.¬† One of the most famous is, Angkor in Cambodia where the sun rises along side the main pyramid spire and gracefully sits atop the tower.¬† Teotihuacan, In Mexico is another pyramid site at which the setting sun ‚Äútouches‚ÄĚ the top of the giant stone structure as it sets on the Equinox.¬† A lesser known structure is in Connecticut in the US called Equinox Calendar Chamber at Gungywamp.¬† This site is home to what is known as the American Stonehenge and on this day, the setting sun will create a beam of light through a tiny window of the ancient stone chamber and illuminate a calendar wall.¬† Other equinox alligned sites include: Chichin Itza in Mexico, Loughcrew in Ireland, The Sphinx and Great Pyramid in Egypt, and Chaco Canyon in New Mexico.¬† There are too many to list here but I encourage you to research these sites on your own.
Equinox aligned Ancient Sites - Angkor Wat
Loughcrew, Ireland
It is clear that ancient people all over the globe found it greatly important to mark the changes of seasons.  We would be a bit naive to think that this practice was due to the need to keep track of planting seasons since many of the structures predate agriculture.  Rather, the ancients believed that there was a spiritual significance to the connection of humans to the celestial.  The transition of the daytime dominated season which brings life and growth into the nighttime dominated one which brings about death and rest, marks the part of the cycle which makes life on this planet possible.  It also represents the spiritual path of the soul.  It is through the cycle of birth, growth, and death, that rebirth can bring our spirits closer to enlightenment.
I live in the low desert of Arizona which means  the vernal equinox marks the start of a small time window to grow things before the blistering sun sterilizes the landscape.  Here, the summer sun brings death to my plants and the heat of the endless summer keeps me hidden indoors.  The autumnal equinox marks yet another growing season as the winters are mild enough for most plants to survive the duration.  


Esoteric artwork for Days of the Week

Every now and again, I have to give myself a challenge.  Last week, I decided that my assignment would be to post, every day, an esoteric artwork for each of the days of the week.

Each drawing was made in the fashion of a magical talisman (sort of) in that I included many occult symbols, names of deities/angels, and things of that nature.  The project was intended to teach me about the planetary rulers over each day of the week along with its magical correspondences.  It also functioned as a great lesson in Hebrew.

I began with the full moon last Monday by posting “Lunes”.

Esoteric artwork drawing - Lunes

My homage to Mars followed with “Martes”.

Esoteric artwork drawing - Martes

Wednesday drawing is “Miercoles” which is reversed due to the current Mercury retrograde.

Esoteric artwork drawing - Miercoles Retrograde

I posted “Jueves” on Thor’s day.

Esoteric artwork drawing - Jueves

Friday drawing is “Viernes”.

Esoteric artwork drawing - Viernes

Saturday is “S√°bado”.

Esoteric artwork drawing - Sabado

Completing the set is Sunday’s drawing “Domingo”.

Esoteric Artwork drawing - Domingo

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.  Thank you for viewing my work.

San Xavier del Bac Mission in Tucson, AZ

Yesterday was Father’s Day, and my family decided it would be a good day to take an outing. ¬†Our decided destination was San Xavier del Bac mission in Tucson. ¬†Perhaps the 115 degree temperature squeezing all of the moisture out of my body had me thinking a lot about the sun. ¬†Perhaps it was all of the obvious solar imagery that caused me to realize that Father’s Day is always the Sunday closest to Summer Solstice (duh!).

Tohono O’odham basket with Catholic solar symbol mashup at San Xavier del Bac Mission
Woven Tonto O’odham symbol of man in the maze with the gold Catholic 8 pointed star solar symbol placed at the center.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Catholicism is a solar cult. ¬†While observing the mashup of O’odahm symbolism with that of Catholic, it was like a lightbulb went off in my head. ¬†There I was in a Catholic mission, on a Sunday which happened to be Father’s Day and two days before summer solstice. ¬†Interesting that Father’s Day always falls on the closest Sunday to Solstice? ¬†Could it be coincidence? ¬†Not likely considering that the solar cults refer to the sun as “Heavenly Father”. ¬†Sunday is also the day of worship of said deity because it is the day of the sun. ¬†The sun has the most power on the solstice, the longest day of the year. ¬†Therefore, you add Sunday and Solstice and you get Father’s Day. ¬†Pretty neat huh?

Below is a photo exploration of my visit to San Xavier del Bac Mission with occasional commentary.
San Xavier del Bac Mission in Tucson, AZ Candles at San Xavier del Bac Mission

There is also no shortage of lunar symbolism at the mission as the Madonna serves this purpose.  Here is Our Lady cloaked in a garment of stars and standing on a black crescent moon.

Madonna standing on a black moon tile artwork at San Xavier del Bac Mission

This gate is a pretty neat use of the ¬†Tonto O’odham symbol of the man in the maze. ¬†Of course, with the bars interrupting all of the paths in the maze, the man would find it impossible to complete it (perhaps that was the idea?). ¬†Right next to the gate is a lion head which is a typical symbol of the sun.Tonto O'odham man in the maze symbol on a get next to solar lion head at San Xavier del bac Mission

Lion head at San Xavier del Bac mission in Tucson

On the cross mound next to San Xavier del Bac Mission, are two Lion statues and a large white cross.  Of course, lion and cross are symbols of the sun.
Bronze lion solar symbol below cross solar symbol next to San Xavier del bac Mission

offerings at shrine with madonna on the cross mound by San Xavier del bac mission Shrine at cross mount next to San Xavier del Bac Mission Madonna and rosary in shrine on cross mound by San Xavier del bac mission Entrance to San Xavier del Bac Mission in Tucson, AZ

Inside of San Xavier del Bac Mission, is this really cool lion statue which could very well have been designed by Dr. Suess.  Gold Lion solar symbol statue in San Xavier del bac mission San Xavier del Bac Mission Dome at San Xavier del Bac mission in Tucson, AZ Shrine at San Xavier del Bac mission in Tucson AZ bells over shrine at San Xavier del Bac Mission Cholla and relief sculpture at San Xavier del bac mission Cast shadow of ironwork at San Xavier del bac mission

Here, seeming pretty out of place, is the sign of Osiris Slain (haha!) tagged onto a pipe.  Alright, so it is probably really meant to just be a parishioner in exaltation before the mission bells but still a pretty neat stencil.  Painting on a large pipe at San Xavier del bac mission


Resh vel Helios parody Resh vel Huevos

Sometimes, you tell a joke just for yourself… ¬†Resh vel Huevos is just such a thing: A parody of the Resh vel Helios Thelema Ritual. ¬†I cannot help my corny sense of humor. ¬†The corn on the cobs run through me…

Enjoy! ¬†…or don’t. ¬†Here it is either way.

The original text of the Solar Adorations can be found at