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Drawing “The Hermit”: From Late-Night Scribble to Symbolic Artwork


It all started as a late-night scribble in my sketchbook. I had no intention for it to become anything significant, but as I continued working on it, the pencil lines took on a life of their own. Initially, it was just a bird-headed figure draped in a robe—a work in progress without a clear direction. However, as I neared completion, something clicked, and I realized it bore a resemblance to the Hermit card from the Tarot deck. That realization led me to add the final touch—a hand holding a lantern.

The Hermit Sketch in sketchbook

Unveiling "The Hermit" on Social Media

Excited by the unexpected outcome, I decided to share the sketch on my social media accounts, titling it "The Hermit Sketch." To my surprise, it received a positive response, which encouraged me to explore the idea further.

Testing the Waters: Designing a Tarot Deck

Multiple people suggested that I create a tarot deck—an idea that deeply resonated with me. However, the prospect of designing an entire deck felt incredibly involved and daunting. Nonetheless, drawing "The Hermit" provided an opportunity to dip my toes in and test the waters of card design. Let's be honest, though—it'll take an eternity to complete a full deck at this rate. Based on my current pace, it would likely take me around seven to ten years. Regardless, I've already embarked on designing "The Fool."

Tarot Reference Books

A Nerdy Artistic Pursuit

I must clarify that this project serves as an exercise for my studies. When I take on such projects, I delve into my books and scour the internet, immersing myself completely. Consider it a nerdy obsession—I want the artwork to be as rich and meaningful as possible.

The Symbolism of "The Hermit"

In my design, "The Hermit" features a bird-headed figure—a representation of wisdom acquired through hardship and struggle. His twisted and haggard appearance mirrors the challenges he has overcome while pondering the universe atop a mountain. The lantern he carries symbolizes the light of wisdom, illuminating the mundane existence for the rest of us. Perhaps, in time, my own period of isolation will prove valuable to others as well.

the hermit drawing 3

Symbolic Incorporations: Mercury, Virgo, and More

Beyond the aforementioned symbolism, there are deeper layers of meaning in my design, which I'll explore further in another article. For "The Hermit," I incorporated correspondences to Mercury and Virgo. As a result, I included references to the Air element and narcissus flowers, symbolizing Virgo. The mushrooms represent the Earth element and wisdom.

From Concept to Composition

Once I determined what to include symbolically, the next step was to lay it out in a well-balanced composition on paper. Using a mechanical pencil on watercolor paper, I meticulously crafted a refined version of the final design.

the hermit pencil drawing

Refining the Line Work

With the initial pencil drawing complete, I transferred it onto a clean sheet of paper. This allowed me to focus on the line work during the inking process, further refining the drawing as I progressed.

Tracing the hermit to fresh paper for inking
the hermit drawing inking in progress

The Culmination: Digital Version and Future Possibilities

After countless hours of planning, designing, drawing, and inking, my rendition of "The Hermit" was almost complete. The final step involved scanning it and creating a clean digital version, which could be used for future card production. In the meantime, it makes for an awesome shirt design, don't you think?

The Shirt Drop and Special Pricing

I'm thrilled to announce that I'll be releasing cotton and triblend versions of the shirt design! The drop is scheduled for this Friday at noon. To show my appreciation, I'll be offering special pricing for the first 48 hours: $25 for cotton shirts and $28 for triblend shirts, both of which include FREE US SHIPPING!

The Hermit Tarot Card Shirt Cotton Occult Shirt
The Hermit Tarot Card Occult Shirt
The Hermit Triblend Occult Shirt Witchy Aesthetic
The Hermit Tarot Card Occult Shirt

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