Peyote Art, Shamanic Art, Screen Printed Magic Cactus Poster


Peyote Art Shamanic Screen Printed Magic Cactus Poster. Boho Home Decor 12″ x 18″ hand drawn design is printed by hand, by the artist.


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Immerse yourself in the mystical realm of peyote art with our captivating Peyote Art Magic Cactus Poster. This mesmerizing piece showcases a meticulously hand-drawn design, expertly screen printed in white ink on high-quality black paper. The linear style of the art brings forth a sense of intricacy and depth, capturing the essence of shamanic symbolism.

At the heart of the design, a majestic peyote cactus button takes center stage, exuding its magical presence. The peyote cactus, long revered for its spiritual and ceremonial significance, holds immense power and wisdom in shamanic traditions. Surrounding the cactus, a rattlesnake coils, symbolizing transformation and rebirth, intertwining its energy with the sacred peyote.

Adding to the mystical allure, a majestic thunderbird graces the bottom of the design. The thunderbird, a powerful symbol in Native American mythology, represents strength, protection, and connection to the divine. With its wings spread wide, it serves as a reminder of the profound spiritual experiences that can be attained through peyote rituals.

This screen-printed Magic Cactus Poster beautifully captures the essence of shamanic art and peyote ceremonies. The contrasting white ink against the black paper creates a striking visual contrast, further enhancing the enigmatic allure of the design. The linear style and meticulous attention to detail make this poster a true masterpiece, perfect for those seeking to embrace the transformative and spiritual energy of peyote.

Crafted with care, our Magic Cactus Poster is made using high-quality materials, ensuring both durability and visual impact. The screen printing process guarantees the longevity of the design, allowing you to enjoy its enchanting beauty for years to come.

Whether you are an admirer of shamanic art, a spiritual seeker, or someone fascinated by the power of peyote, this poster is a must-have addition to your collection. Hang it proudly in your sacred space, meditation area, or living room, and let the profound energy of peyote art enhance your spiritual journey.

Experience the transcendent power and transformative energy of peyote art with our captivating “Peyote Art” Magic Cactus Poster. Order yours today and allow the symbolic beauty of the peyote cactus, the rattlesnake, and the thunderbird to transport you to the realms of shamanic wisdom and spiritual enlightenment. Embrace the magic and embrace the profound spiritual experiences that peyote art has to offer.

Paper Size = 12 x 18 inches

Original artwork is hand drawn for screen print reproduction and printed by Scott Myst. Each print is pulled by hand.

**Frame not included**


Weight .1 oz
Dimensions 13 × 4 × 4 in

black w/white print, white w/black print


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