Screen Printed Mushroom Poster, Hunter S Thompson Quote

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Screen Printed Mushroom Poster with Hunter S Thompson Quote design by Closet of Mysteries. Each magical poster is printed by hand, by the artist.


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Step into a world of psychedelic wonders with our captivating Mushroom Poster with a Hunter S Thompson quote. Inspired by the vibrant rock and roll posters of the 60s and 70s, this groovy design will instantly transform any room into a haven of trippy vibes and artistic expression. Get ready to embark on a visual journey that celebrates the magic of mushrooms.

“No sympathy for the devil; keep that in mind. Buy the ticket, take the ride…and if it occasionally gets a little heavier than what you had in mind, well…maybe chalk it off to forced conscious expansion: Tune in, freak out, get beaten.” ― Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Printed on heavyweight black art paper, this Mushroom Poster measures 12 x 18 inches, making it the perfect size to add a touch of retro charm to your walls. The deep, rich black background serves as a canvas for the psychedelic colors and intricate details of the design, creating a mesmerizing visual experience.

The original artwork is meticulously hand-drawn to ensure its authenticity and uniqueness. Each print is pulled by hand, reflecting the dedication and craftsmanship that goes into creating this extraordinary Mushroom Poster.

But what makes this poster even more special is the inclusion of a quote from the legendary Hunter S. Thompson. Emblazoned on the poster, Thompson’s words add an extra layer of depth and thought-provoking contemplation. Immerse yourself in his wisdom as you gaze upon the design, allowing his words to enhance your journey into the mushroom-infused realm.

Whether you’re a fan of psychedelic art, a lover of mushrooms, or simply someone who appreciates the unique blend of nostalgia and mind-altering aesthetics, this Mushroom Poster is a must-have for your collection. Hang it proudly in your bedroom, living room, or any space that craves a touch of groovy inspiration.

Let the vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and spirit of the psychedelic era transport you to a state of mind where creativity and exploration reign supreme. This Mushroom Poster is not just a piece of art; it’s an invitation to embrace the transformative power of mushrooms and embark on a visual trip like no other.

Don’t miss your chance to own this one-of-a-kind Hunter S. Thompson Mushroom Poster. Order yours today and let the magic of mushrooms and the spirit of the 60s and 70s fill your space with groovy vibes and psychedelic energy. Tune in to the mesmerizing visuals, let your imagination run wild, and let the mushrooms guide you on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and artistic expression.

**Frame not included**


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