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3/4 Sleeve Triblend Raglan

Spore print raglan triblend shirt on sale

100% cotton crew neck

Spore print tee shirt on sale

100% cotton ringer tee

Spore print ringer tee shirt on sale

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spore print shirt screen printing mushroom design by Closet of Mysteries

About closet of mysteries

I believe that quality is defined by more than just fine shirts.  While I do only print on the finest quality shirts. Closet of Mysteries is special to me because I have focused on following  planet-friendly practices, as part of the standard of quality.  Each shirt is printed by hand to order using high quality, environmentally friendly, water- based inks.  Having a water-based shop means that not only are the inks better for the planet and the humans, but cleaning them avoids all of the nasty chemicals used in traditional screen printing.  In addition, I reuse simple items like paper towels and the tape.  Shirts are delivered with minimal “recycleable” packaging and no unnecessary packing slips or receipts, just a little hand written note from me to you.  Experience the difference by ordering a spore print shirt today!

the spore print design Story

Spore prints are just really cool.  For those of you who are less familiar with the life cycle of a mushroom, each fruit body will drop its spores before fading and becoming compost.  If you remove the cap after it is open but before the spores drop, you can set on a piece of foil or paper and capture the print.  That is exactly what I had done with this B+ psilocybe cubensis. Each one is as unique as a human finger print.  Even after collecting the spore print, a mushroom can still be consumed and can potentially still give you super powers that may make you unbeatable at playing pool or able converse with the moon (results may vary).  

This shirt design pays homage to one of my favorite life forms on the planet and its particular unique beauty.  Whether you are a mycologist, fungiphile, Terence McKenna fan, or what have you, these shirts are made for you.  I offer several options to fit your own style – Unisex 3/4 Raglan Triblend, Cotton Crew Neck in Mens/Unisex or Women’s cuts, and the Unisex Ringer Tee.

mushroom life cycle

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