The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning and Card Design

The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning, Plus Card Design

Hello, my magical friends! Welcome to the Closet of Mysteries! Today, we're embarking on a unique journey, diving deep into the ninth card of the Tarot deck – The Hermit.

Feel free to watch the video above which will cover mostly the same material.

You see, I deliberately chose to commence my Tarot series with The Hermit because it happened to be the first card I designed. So, in addition to exploring the card's meaning and significance, I'll also take you through the fascinating process of transforming a simple sketch into the intricate artwork you see before you.

In our post-COVID, post-pandemic world, The Hermit takes on new significance. Many of us found ourselves embracing our introverted nature during these uncertain times. As someone who was already inclined towards introversion, I found myself even more comfortable in isolation. But now, as things slowly return to normal, I'm grappling with how to reintegrate into society. My partner, Christina, often encourages me to socialize more, but every time I do, I feel both charged up and overwhelmed. Social interactions become a rollercoaster of emotions, leaving me questioning how to strike the right balance.

Before we delve into The Hermit's symbolism, it's essential to clarify my role in this endeavor. I am not a professional tarot card reader, nor am I a psychic. Instead, I approach tarot as a medium for studying and learning. I'm passionate about this subject, and my enthusiasm often leads me to nerd out, digging into various resources to deepen my understanding.

So, let's set our sights on The Hermit card and explore its profound symbolism.

The Hermit Card Symbolism

The traditional Rider-Waite version of The Hermit card depicts the essence of isolation. We see the figure holding a lantern, standing resolute amidst the snow-covered terrain, possibly on a remote mountain. The Hermit's isolation is not an end in itself; rather, it serves as a means to introspect and attain wisdom. The lantern in his hand symbolizes the knowledge and insights gained during this journey of self-reflection, meant to be shared upon his return.

The Hermit Tarot Card RWS_Tarot_09_Hermit

In the grand tapestry of life, every Tarot card represents a unique stage. The Hermit card embodies a necessary phase, but it is not meant to be the final destination. Just as nobody is meant to remain a fool, we are not meant to remain in a state of hermitage. Life's journey takes us through various stages, each with its own lessons and revelations.

Connections to Hermes and Virgo

The Hermit shares deep connections with Hermes, the legendary bringer of knowledge, a teacher of magic and medicine, and a divine messenger. Hermes' multifaceted nature encompasses wisdom, insight, and misdirection, highlighting the complexity of The Hermit's character.

Furthermore, The Hermit card is associated with the zodiac sign Virgo, ruled by Mercury. As an Earth sign, Virgo embodies immutable qualities, characterized by meticulous attention to detail, problem-solving prowess, and a results-driven approach. Virgos do not merely dwell in the realm of ideas; they seek practicality and tangible outcomes.

Qabalistic Connections

On the mystical Tree of Life, The Hermit is connected to the Hebrew character "yod," representing the number 10 and symbolizing a hand. Additionally, yod is related to the Sun, the life-giving force of our universe. The Hermit carries this celestial spark, the flame of wisdom, back to the material world after his introspective retreat.

Alchemy and The Hermit

In the realm of alchemy, The Hermit represents the second stage – dissolution. However, this "dissolution" should not be confused with disillusionment. Instead, it is akin to a substance dissolving in a liquid, transforming the gross into the subtle and the messy into the pure. This process signifies the Hermit's transition from the material world to the volatile realm of the spirit.

Mercury The_Second_Key_of_Basil_Valentine.

Drawing The Hermit Card

Creating The Hermit card was a labor of love and dedication. Starting with a simple sketch, I scanned it, enlarged it, and traced it onto paper to develop a detailed pencil drawing. This stage allowed me to explore various design elements and incorporate symbolism relevant to The Hermit's essence.

Within the card's design, you'll find narcissus flowers, reflecting the correspondence to Virgo. These beautiful blooms captivated me, not only for their symbolism but also because they are personal favorites. Furthermore, I adorned the lantern with Mercury symbols, a nod to the card's association with communication and intellect.

A unique aspect of The Hermit's design is the figure's bird-like head. Birds are often considered messengers, mysterious creatures capable of traversing worlds. Additionally, I've been drawing birds long before my journey into magic, making their presence a natural extension of my artistic expression.

As for what's next, the Tarot set is a work in progress. The Fool is already in the works, and I plan to infuse it with a bird motif as well. However, please don't expect the entire Tarot deck anytime soon. The creative process is a laborious one, and designing 78 cards will undoubtedly take many years.

Thank you for accompanying me on this magical exploration of The Hermit Tarot card. If you enjoyed this content, consider signing up for my mailing list and checking out my shop for Occult-inspired shirt designs. Remember, you are not alone; embrace your hermitage and the wisdom you will find along the way. Until we meet again, stay magical! ✨🔮

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